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Modular Conveyor
Modu System conveyors are based on a close-fitting flexible chain with the ability to be constructed into many configurations. Products can travel along straights, into curves or even vertically. The system is quickly assembled from standard modules to accommodate almost any layout. Compact horizontal and vertical bends allow our systems to use minimum floor space, while ensuring operators have clear access to machinery. Different chain widths and types provide smooth gentle handling, minimising product damage and offering safe & reliable product flow. Standard components are manufactured from anodised aluminium, stainless steel and moulded engineering plastics providing clean professional results. In addition our system is easy to maintain or even modify so minimising cost of ownership.
Plastic Chain
MODU System provides diverse plastic chain conveyor systems. All conveyor systems can be effortlessly assembled with standard tools.

MODU System components are prepared with anodized aluminium and moulded plastic, giving a spotless and aesthetic outlook. A ready stoctz availability Of conveyor components are ensured at MODU all times. The bends, straights and supports are made up of pre-assembled pieces in which MODU System conveyors can be assembled in a lesser time using simple hand tools.
Aluminium Frame
Steel Frame
Chain width
Beam width
35 mm
45 mm
63 mm
65 mm
83 mm
85 mm
140 mm
145 mm
220 mm
225 mm
Plastic Belt
The new modular plastic belt conveyor system from MODU is a simplified solution for conveying large products. All components of the plastic belt conveyor are standardized for easy engineering, maintenance and operation. Simplicity in its design makes MODU System's new plastic belt conveyor reliable, flexible, safe and adaptive to any requirements. The white POM belt surface is nat and smooth which minimizes the risÄ Of scratches on products, allowing safe handling Of sensitive products. Plastic belt conveyor systems are designed to integrate with new and existing production equipment. Machinery that has been laid out to fulfill factory and operator requirement can easily be linÄed using suitable components and conveyors from our modular range.
Aluminium Frame
Steel Frame
Chain width
Beam width
315 mm
360 mm
438 mm
480 mm
585 mm
625 mm
Spiral Conveyor
Simplicity in MODU’s Spiral conveyor design makes the system reliable, flexible, safe and trouble-free in operation. MODU’s development in maintenance and installation areas includes an automatic lubrication system (ALS) and tension adjustment.
• Convey cartons, cases, trays and totes in an upwards or downwards continuous flows.
• Small footprint, high speed, low noise, low maintenance and long life.
• Specially configured to elevate or store mass flows of containers such as cans or items of glass.
• The ‘3-dimensional connection’ concept features compact and continuous elevation.
• Ability to reach flexibly with just one conveyer throughout a building complex horizontally, making it suitable for the most complicated layouts.
• Portal Solution has only ONE belt that goes all the way from the inferred of the up spiral to the outfield of the down spiral.
• No product transfers, no risk of jams high up and out of reach.
• Two spirals, one on either side, with an overhead bridging conveyer elements suspended in between.
Chain Width
155 mm
220 mm
400 mm
600 mm
Outer Diameter
1350 mm
1500 mm
1850 mm
2250 mm
Accumulation Conveyor
Table - Accumulation
The accumulation table stores products to generate mass buffering to accommodate other processes with a large storage capacity. This equipment is driven by two gear motors which drive alternating conveyor with opposite direction.
S – Accumulation
Accumulation conveyor provides in-line “first-in-first-out” accumulation of products. It maintains product orientation while providing accumulation between line operations. Sanitary clean design suited for pharmaceutical operation.
Alphine - Accumulation
Alpine-Accumulation conveyor acts as a buffer between machines. It consists of many conveyor layers which are stacked above each other. Alpine accumulation conveyor system can be used for cooling, drying and buffering.
Elevating & Lowerating Conveyor
MODU MODU Elevating and Lowerating solution is design specifically to elevate products, lower products, or buffer products. Our four different configurations are as below:
Gripper Conveyor
A gripper conveyor is a system that utilizes two sets of conveyors set up in a gripping format to move a product from a lower elevation to an upper elevation or vice versa, with the benefit of taking up less floor space. It grips the product in a firm but gentle manner before releasing it onto another conveyor. It is an ideal assembly for high-speed production or packaging line.
MODU’s Elevator/Lowerator is designed with high speed, payload and capacity, mainly to convey cases, bags and trays. It takes up less floor space in case/carton palletizing lines, warehousing, or work-in-progress storage applications by transferring products to an overhead conveyor section. Thus, creating aisleways, clearance for forklifts and transfer products between floors.
Friction and Cleated Conveyor
Friction and cleated conveyor are a cost-effective and straightforward way to bring a product from one level to another. When elevating the production flow, you reclaim valuable floor space, enabling you to add more production capacity and increase accessibility. Refined design and standardized interfaces to the upstream and downstream equipment make the solution efficient and accommodating various products.
Spiral Conveyor
Simplicity in MODU’s Spiral conveyor design makes the system reliable, flexible, safe and trouble-free in operation. MODU’s development in maintenance and installation areas includes an automatic lubrication system (ALS) and tension adjustment.
Conveyor Guide
MODU conveyor guide, guide products being conveyed and also to prevent them from falling off the conveyor. The conveyor system includes a versatile system of guide rails and guides rail brackets which make it possible to accommodate many different product sizes and shapes. Guide rail brackets are available in fixed or adjustable configurations.
Conveyor Support Structure
MODU standard and overhead conveyor support structures offer superior stability. They’re specifically designed to ensure your standard and overhead conveyor systems function in place and even allow for easy mobility when necessary. MODU support structures are modular in construction and can be used on any conveyors of the appropriate width.
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