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MODU System Europe is based in the United Kingdom and a supplier of conveyor components. Our customer base includes many of the world’s leading conveyor companies, machine builders and OEM’s in various sectors such as Food & Beverage, Personal Care, Electronic and Electrical, Optical and more.

Contact us and we will be able to advise you on the simplest and most efficient way to buy MODU. This could be by dealing direct with us or through one of our Authorised System Installers and Local Partners.

MODU's Flat Pack design makes storage & handling very convenient & hence it allows us to expand into various parts of the world namely Japan, USA, United Kingdom & Europe, Australia, China, India, ASEAN countries & etc.

We are continuously looking for partners and representatives so please contact us to find out more.
Why Use
Our system reduces design time, reduces development time and helps you control your costs.
Reduced Design & Development Time
Using our system means you can design a conveyor layout using all standard modules from our catalogue.
Easy to Cost
A full price list is available in an easy to use format. You also only need to order the parts you need.
Easy to Build and Modify
Build a system with simple hand tools. System can be easily modified, shortened or extended in the future.
Potential to Expand Your Business and Product Range
Adding Modu to your product range could mean you can reach new customers and provide to more industries.
Efficient Delivery Service
Stock is held in the UK for fast delivery around Europe. We offer a full packing and shipping service.
Our Services, Support and Aftersales
We supply a high quality product with good technical support at a competitive price.
Select from a Catalogue of Conveyor Modules
Our comprehensive technical catalogue gives you all the parts you need to build a conveyor with floor stands and side guides.
Layout Conveyors using our CAD Blocks
CAD blocks are available which means it is easy to build a 3D CAD layout which helps customers.
Technical Advice and Support
Our conveyor engineering experience helps us advise customers on the right type of conveyor and application.
Full Product training
Product training gives you an understanding of the product and its capabilities. We will help you achieve a successful system and installation.

Introduction to MODU System - English

Introduction to MODU System - German

How to Assemble a MODU Conveyor

Interview with Monk Conveyors

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